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Client Testimonials


I joined Bella Fitness in January to reach my personal goal of lean and toned body for my pageant swimsuit competition at the end of the year. To help me stay on track and reach my goals I choose to work out with a personal trainer. Alejandro and I have teamed up to take my body from thin and feeble to toned and strong. I have been very happy with each stage of results and look forward to my competition. Thank you Bella and Alejandro!


Traci Quinones


I have been training for 9 months. I have never felt better. I have really toned up. I am fitting into clothes that I haven't worn in 5 years! Alejandro is very encouraging, but more importantly he knows how to get the results you want. I am really glad I have him for my trainer


Kathy Engbrock

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I have been working out with Deon for about 6 months. When I started with her I knew I was out of shape, but I didn't know how bad it was. Initially I got winded easily and couldn't keep up with her for a 30-minute session. Since then, I've lost 40 pounds, dropped three dress sizes and increased my stamina, energy levels and strength. I feel better, look better and am healthier. Deon is the most upbeat and motivating person I know. Instead of pushing you to get through a workout she has a way of making you want to do it just to prove to yourself that you can. She helps you to learn, know and internalize that you can do whatever you set your mind to...regardless of your weight, health condition or injuries/physical setbacks. Her knowledge of fitness, physical therapy/rehabilitation, the body, nutrition and overall health is an incredible package for anyone...whether you're looking to lose weight, gain weight, maintain or recover from injury. She offers good, thoughtful advice and even follows up during the week to see how I'm doing. Although she always tells me I've managed all this success on my own, I know that Deon has absolutely been there with me and for me the whole way...and that I couldn't have done it without her. She's amazing!
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Dear Kimberly,

I just wanted to say again how much I appreciate all you did for me in reaching my goals.  In just
24 sessions I lost 8 and 3/4 inches. AWESOME!!!  When you and I started I told you my  strengths and weaknesses. My strengths are cardio (rrunning 4 miles 6 x a week) and my diet however my weakness was weight training.  My concern was my abdomen ( my muffin top)
and with all your training I lost 3 and 1/2 inches on my waist. I can't be more pleased.
The one thing you really stressed was it takes all three elements - 1) Cardio 2) weight training
and 3) good diet eating enough of the right foods to speed up my metabolism.
I will soon be 58 years old and I want to be fit and healthy and you Kimberly showed me how to
get and stay this way.
Again I just want you to know how I appreciate your sweet spirit and and enthusiasm. I called you
"The Enforcer" and that is with much respect. When I felt I could not do one more rep you my
dear would not let me quit and look at my results. Thank you so very much. I will stay in touch and
let you know how things are going.
Your fit friend,
Sharon Cooper
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After giving birth in July I began training with Kimberly in September. I trained with her once a week for half an hour,  and I also took her Bikini Boot camp class the first month.  Through cardio and light-weight resistance training, I lost weight and inches. Kimberly approached each workout with enthusiasm and kept me motivated throughout each session.  The combination of 12 sessions with Kimberly and extra individual time in the gym resulted in a loss of 13 pounds, 2.2 % BMI, 6 3/4 inches in my waist and 5 3/4 inches in my hips. I recommend Kimberly as a trainer to anyone who is trying to slim down and get toned!

S. Beale

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To whom it may concern:

I started working out about two months ago. Since I was not a big fan of the gym and weight workouts, I decided to try something different and sign up with a trainer. During my first visit with Kimberly I immediately knew that I wanted her to be my trainer. She is very enthusiastic and motivated. She told me that the sessions would be challenging, but that I would in turn see results and feel better. The sessions were indeed challenging, but everyday the workouts were new and different. I never thought that I would actually enjoy them, but I did. At first Kimberly's great attitude helped me out in making it to the gym everyday, but after seeing the results after only a couple of sessions I started to get even more motivated. Her sessions not only challenged me physically but mentally as well. Now I feel great. I accomplished about 23 sessions with Kimberly and did exercises I never thought I could do before. Now I feel great physically, but I also feel like I can accomplish anything. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who has a goal they want to accomplish, but wants to have fun doing it.

-- Mariana Sanchez

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Before I started at Bella Women's Fitness, I had tried on my own to read magazines and get ideas about how to workout to lose weight. I realized that I was lacking the skill and motivation that I needed to reach my goals. I joined Bella Women's Fitness gym and was a bit intimidated by the equipment, and was afraid to tell anyone. The staff made sure that I was comfortable and would benefit from everything they had to offer. I signed up for Personal Training with a Bella Trainer and immediately saw results that I never achieved on my own. With the help of the trainer I was able to learn about nutrition and how to apply it to my everyday routine no matter how busy I got. The other benefit was the great motivation I received from my trainer and encouragement to keep going. This program has helped me gain confidence about myself and improve my over all health and fitness. I am also grateful to the kind staff at Bella Women's Fitness.

-- G. Sanchez

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I have been overweight most of my life. In 2001, I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was insulin dependent. I also had other health issues, including hypertension and joint pain. Finally, about two years ago, at age 57, and after years of struggling on my own, I decided it was time to join a gym and hire a trainer. This was a huge step for me and a big commitment, but I considered it an investment in myself and my health.

On my first visit to the gym, I met my personal trainer, and after he assured me he wouldn't make fun of a fat person, I signed up for 12 personal training sessions. My first session was brutal. I never prayed so hard in my life to get through one hour. I was soaked with sweat, my heart raced, and I was sore for days afterwards. I realized that day that I had let my body go and that I truly was in bad shape. My idea of exercise was totally different than my trainer's - mine was more like getting off the couch and going to the refrigerator. I always thought that staying on my feet twelve hours at a time as a nurse should count as exercise, and my at-home routine suited me just fine - except that I was carrying around 50+ pounds of excess fat. Leaving the gym that day was really a wake-up call for me.

My trainer went the extra mile as a personal trainer. He was patient and encouraging. He helped me set short- and long-term goals for myself, held me accountable for my exercise schedule as well as keeping a food journal and reading, instead of ignoring, food labels. Since the gym world was a new concept for me, it took a lot of patience on his part to encourage me to come in on own and do my cardio in between our training sessions.

But I did my cardio, and kept up my personal training sessions. I also changed my attitude about exercise and persevered. And now, 50 pounds lighter and more to go, I am no longer on insulin or blood pressure medicines. I have more energy and stamina and a different, more positive outlook on life. And I know that having my trainer believe that I could accomplish this and help to motivate me to keep going has made the difference. I realize that I took the first step and joined the gym, and that motivation comes from within, but without his encouragement, I would never have returned for Session 2. And I know that if I could do it, anybody can do it. Thanks! See you at the gym.

-- Susan K

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My name is Nancy, I am 39 years old. I started going to Bella because it is a smaller gym and it is only for women. People are friendly and I never have to wait for machines. I used to run for 6 years until I hurt my heel and had to stop most of the running. I always knew how to do a lot of cardio but never really did weights too much. While watching all the personal trainers at Bella working with their clients, I was approached by Tank and decided to learn more about balance between cardio and weight lifting. I had gained 20 pounds over the last 2 years since I stopped running. My goal was to loose those 20 pounds and know what to do besides cardio. Tank is a very positive and careful personal trainer. I saw him 3 times a week for an hour each session. The sessions were hard but great. I could see my muscles actually toning and my body taking a healthier shape. Tank also taught me about healthy eating and I started making some changes to my diet. I had a problem with my wrist when I was younger so Tank made the necessary changes on the exercises so I could work my arm with the problem. I was always excited to go to the gym to see what I was going to work on that day. Every day I did different exercises with different number of weights and I think that really helped my body not to go on a plateau and stop progressing. After 2 months working out with Tank ( and having fun while doing it!) I was really happy to see the results. I lost 14 pounds and went from 37% body fat to 31% body fat which is considered normal. I feel so much healthier now. I sleep better at night and I am a happier person mentally and physically. I still go to Bella Fitness 3 times a week and try to do all that I learned with Tank. I lost 2 more pounds on the last 2 weeks and I am really close to my 20 pound goal. I look forward to working out every day, specially now that I can do cardio and weight training. I want to thank Bella an Tank for helping me to achieve my goal.

-- Nancy

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