BellaBabes: San Antonio’s Best
Weight Loss and Fitness Program

BellaBabes is THE Class For Women Who Are Serious
About Improving Their Physical and Mental Health!

If YOU want to join other like-minded women who are supportive and encouraging, you need to consider participating in this elite group at our women’s gym.

BellaBabes is for women of all ages and physical abilities. Each participant receives individual attention and programming. Whether you are looking for a
quick start to your fitness journey or are a seasoned athlete – BellaBabes will help you reach your goals faster and more effectively.

BellaBabes is built upon:

Eight Weeks of Intensive, Personal Training
Professional Instruction and Guidance
Dedicated Fitness Coach
A Small Group Environment (class limited to 15 participants)
Full access to Bella Women’s Fitness facility
Heated Barre and Yoga to speed recovery and flexibility
Meal Planning and Nutritional Guidance
Peer Accountability and Support
Structured Workouts
BellaBabes is available to both current members and the general public. Learn about our membership programs here. The goal of our women’s gym program is to maximize total body results in a fun, creative, and encouraging small group setting.

You’ll receive incentives for milestones achieved over the eight-week program. Your fitness coach will guide you through this transformation process; a balanced approach to total body fitness and a transformation of spirit.


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