Heated Hatha Yoga is a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. You normally wouldn’t work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but the heated room allows for deeper and more relaxing stretch. When you leave class, you will feel longer, looser and more relaxed.

Heated Vinyasa- (pronounced “vin-yah-sah”) is the Sanskrit word for “flow”, and Vinyasa classes are known for their fluid, movement-intensive practices. Vinyasa teachers choreograph their classes to smoothly transition from pose to pose and often play music to keep things lively. The intensity of the practice is similar to Ashtanga, but no two vinyasa classes are the same. If you are tired of routines and want to test your physical limits, vinyasa may be just your ticket.

Heated Power YogaYoga where classes are held in artificially heated rooms. In a Power Yoga class, you will sweat like you’ve never sweated before as you work your way through a series of challenging poses.

Heated Basic Barre Our introduction to barre class. We highly recommend new students to take this class before attending other barre classes. We encourage you to become familiar with the method, the terminology and the positioning. A better understanding of this method provides a more effective workout while preventing injuries. This is also a great class to take for our experienced clients who want to brush up on their “form” and for those who seek a slower paced class.

Heated Express Class The express class is a quick 30 minute workout designed for those who need a midday, intense full body workout.

Heated Ballet Barre Incorporate ballet techniques to strengthen, sculpt and create flexibility! We will incorporate floor and barre exercises to work muscles in your lower back, core, hips and legs. Ballet will help you discover the muscles you never knew you had!

Power Barre Heated Bella’s version of boot camp. This class offers high intensity body sculpting exercises with more weights and resistance bands for the ultimate muscle challenge. Be prepared to feel the burn in every part of your body! Due to the pace and intensity of this class, it is not suitable for our pregnant clients.

Heated Yoga Barre  this will combine different styles of exercises such as Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. The class will include small isolated movements in order to fatigue muscles, large range of motion to get your heart rate up, and sequences including upper and lower body work.

Zumba – is a Latin dance exercise format that is more about fun than working out. Take Salsa, Cumbia, Samba, Merengue, add hints of Flamenco, Calypso, Hip-Hop and Belly Dancing, put in a workout routine with loads of funky American twists that will make you smile. This is why we say “Ditch the workout and join the party!”

Plyo A mid intensity plyometric class. A total body cardio class focused on incredible calorie burning, footwork, and improved agility.

Butts and Guts  Tone and sculpt abs, glutes, hips, and lower back using body weight and varied resistance equipment in this ever-changing, muscle-burning class.

Circuit Training Join one of your favorite fitness coaches as they instruct on a type of exercise, an aspect of fitness, or using a specific piece of equipment and put you through a rigorous workout. Look forward to every week being different!

Circuit Cycling Cycle through stations with varying exercises. Each exercise generally lasting a minute with minimal breaks in between. All fitness levels Welcome!

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training includes quick bursts of intense exercises along with short rests, sometimes active rests.

TBT (Total Body Toning)– complete workout using compound movements to strengthen and tone every muscle. (weights are optional!)

Hatha Yoga-is a gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures. You normally won’t work up a sweat in a hatha yoga class, but this class offers deeper and more relaxing stretches. When you leave class, you will feel longer, looser and more relaxed.

Power Yoga FlowLearn and perfect poses to build flexibility, strength, balance, breath awareness and focus. Strengthen the mind/body connection by linking breath with a series of dynamic postures that will improve your flexibility and strength. This style incorporates flowing movements, salutations, strengthening poses, balancing poses, deep stretching poses and a final relaxation. (great for all fitness levels)

Piloxing a non-stop, interval fusion of Pilates, boxing and dance that will push you past your limits. Designed to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina.

Piloxing Barre take Piloxing to the barre! A workout that fuses ballet barre and Piloxing in to one class!

*Heated Classes all take place in an artificially heated room where the heat and humidity are both controlled to obtain the perfect sweat.  Typically, the room is heated to 90 degrees.