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  1. Atmosphere Is Great

    The atmosphere is great, love the all women aspect.  Friendly and caring staff adds to the overall experience.

  2. good variety of weight training equipment

    I like that there’s a good variety of weight training equipment. I like that the gym is always clean and the staff is really nice. I feel comfortable at this gym, which is something I’ve never had before. So glad my best friend and I joined.
  3. price is very reasonable

    The price is very reasonable, especially for all the class offerings and two locations. My favorite part is the movie room at Stone Oak.

  4. instructors are extremely upbeat and positive

    I’m love the instructors and Tiffany who are extremely upbeat and positive. They have been a great influence in my life which is why I continue to go to Bella.

  5. like the women only aspect!

    Both gyms are pretty great. I do like the women only aspect. I would offer a few more yoga classes, since the ones I go to are generally packed.

  6. I love it!

    I love it! I love that it’s women only, and it’s small.

  7. inviting atmosphere makes you want to come back

    The staff, instructors, and even other members all have amazing attitudes. The inviting atmosphere makes you want to come back.

  8. environment that encourages continuous growth

    Bella is good for me and works well with my work schedule and conveniently located! I appreciate the environment that encourages continuous growth and goal setting.

  9. staff is beyond helpful

    I love your club! The atmosphere is great and the staff is beyond helpful and amazing. Tiffany is so great!! She is always so helpful and friendly. I love that I never feel judged at that gym!
  10. Nice and friendly and not overbearing

    I like the atmosphere and the people that work there. Nice and friendly and not overbearing. I also have met some of the women that attend and all very nice.

  11. I really like the atmosphere!

    Initially heard about Bella Fitness from Facebook and looked at website to see what classes were offered. I really like the atmosphere!

  12. friendly staff and good equipment

    Bella has a friendly staff and good equipment at the location I use – Rogers Ranch.

  13. feel comfortable there

    Bella has a more intimate feel than larger gyms. i feel comfortable there and membership pricing is fair.

  14. love the women-only atmosphere

    I’m at Bella’s because I sincerely love the women-only atmosphere and, the smaller, boutique-style of the gym. I don’t think it would take much to make Bella’s a phenomenal gym.

  15. warm and welcoming staff

    I was initially drawn to Bella because of the club size, the women-only atmosphere, and the warm and welcoming staff.

  16. awesome workout environment

    It is an awesome workout environment that is very supportive and flexible. Really enjoy the diversity in all the classes that are offered.

  17. Really like it!

    I really like it and wish I would have joined a long time ago, before my weight got out of hand.

  18. No complaints

    I have no complaints regarding either facility. They are kept clean as are the machines and weights. You might want to put a vending machine in the Rogers Ranch facility. But other than that, I like locations a lot.