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For Women Who Are Looking For That 'Little Bit More'
To Reach Their Goals and Invigorate Their Journey

Let's be honest ladies.  Men have it a heck of a lot easier than we do. It’s more acceptable for men to be overweight then women. It’s not fair, but it’s true. 

So here's the facts.  Our certified trainers have trained men and they've trained women in their careers.  Here's what we have seen over the years:
  1. Us Ladies Want It More - We are hungrier and it shows during our workouts. We make fewer excuses and we'’ll train until we drop. Women justifiably feel that we are being judged all day on our appearance. 

  2. We Aren't Afraid of A Little Pain - Heck, we're built to deliver babies. Women experience more pain over the course of our lifetimes. Our brains are more adept at recognizing potentially harmful stimuli and are better at ignoring non-life threatening stuff - allowing us to “push through” better. 
  1. Ladies Get Results Faster Than Dudes - 99% of our female clients want to tone up and 99% of men want to put on muscle — it’s that simple. Toning up usually meant losing a bit of fat and putting on a bit of muscle. With small but effective dietary interventions and a basic weight lifting program most women can become noticeably more defined within weeks.

  2. We Aren't Afraid To Show Emotion - Who doesn't like smashing stuff at times to burn off some stress? Who hasn't worked tirelessly for a job that we didn’t like, or our family giving us a hard time, or a child that was sapping every last ounce of strength? Sometimes you will need a workout that includes dead-lifts, close grip bench presses, and smashing stuff!. We aren't therapists and can't solve many of life's challenges - but we can help you smash the stress away!
If YOU want to learn more about getting slimmer and stronger, developing a stronger sense of self and all the other benefits of working with a professional, just let us know.

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