Welcome to the Bella Women’s Fitness blog!

As a women’s gym in San Antonio, we know all about fitness for females. Since part of living a healthy lifestyle involves education, we wanted to impart some of the wisdom we have acquired over the last decade. This blog will feature helpful articles about recommended fitness routines for certain muscle groups, the benefits of group exercise classes, and much more!

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Our Women’s Gym in San Antonio

We wanted to kick-off our blog by introducing Bella Women’s fitness and the characteristics that make our gym different — and better.

We’ll start with this all-too-familiar scenario: you’re in the middle of a great arm workout at your gym. You’ve already done weight exercises, and now you want to jump on the pull-up bar. You jump up and you’re cranking out pull-ups, totally in the zone.

And then you notice two guys staring at you as you workout. Not only do they stare, but they also yell something like, “Get ‘em girl” or “Watch out! She’s doing more pull-ups than you can!” to their buddy across the gym.

You continue with your workout, well-practiced in the art of ignoring this attention.

When you join Bella Women’s Fitness, you don’t need to worry about this type of heckling. Instead, you join a community of supportive women who are entirely motivated to meet fitness goals. No more being the “token girl” in the gym; no more dealing with exercise classes that aren’t catered for your body; no more being surrounded by judgmental people.

It sounds like heaven, but it’s really just our women’s gym in San Antonio.

What makes us different?

Bella Women’s Fitness is much more than a gym for women. Aside from the amazingly unique and positive atmosphere that a group of strong women creates, we also built our gym to serve women like you.

When you join our gym, you gain access to:

  • An inclusive gym for women of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness levels, backgrounds, goals, and more
  • More than 40 group fitness classes a week, including heated yoga, heated barre, and kickboxing
  • Personal trainers who have years of experience supporting women to meet fitness goals
  • BellaBabes, our eight-week weight loss and fitness program
  • A state-of-the-art gym with all of the machines and fitness equipment you could want
  • A supportive community of motivated women

Contact us today to learn more about membership options, personal training, and a free week!