The thought of joining a women’s gym might seem a bit strange at first. After all, why is there a need to split up based on the gender binary when women are more than welcome at any other gym? Couldn’t this widen the gap even more and create an unnecessary divide?

Joining a women’s gym boils down to getting a responsive gym that exists for you, not just one where you can exist.

Reasons to Join a Women’s Gym

Consider the reasons to join a women’s gym below as you think about renewing your fitness routine.

  • Female gyms are positive and welcoming spaces — have you ever been cat-called or gawked at as you workout at the gym? Whether you’re getting positive or negative energy doesn’t matter as much as the fact that other people are distracting from your workout. Call it the “meathead” stereotype, or just call it your past experience at the gym, but chances are you have received unwanted attention as you work out. When you join a women’s gym, you will be surrounded by women who are all there to meet fitness goals. Because everyone is committed to meeting individual goals, you tend to get more affirmation and way less judgement.
  • Women’s gyms have the classes you want — for physiological reasons, women are way more attracted to group exercise classes. According to Women’s Health, women gravitate to group classes for the sense of community and high-energy. As such, you tend to have more class options for yoga, barre, pilates, zumba, high intensity interval training, and spin. If you enjoy attending these types of classes, joining a gym for women is certainly a good option.
  • Personal trainers know female health — have you ever worked with a personal trainer who just didn’t seem to get your body or health goals? At a women’s gym, the personal trainers have years of experience working with women just like you. While everyone’s body is different, women tend to have similar strengths and areas of weakness when it comes to overall strength and fitness. Having a personal trainer who understands these differences can expedite your path to health.
  • You get the benefits of boutique fitness — most women’s gyms are smaller than your giant gym chains in terms of population and equipment. Far from meaning you have fewer options, boutique fitness gyms tailor their gyms to give you exactly what you want. Think of the last time you entered that giant gym: did you use more than even five of their machines, let alone the entire selection? Boutique fitness gives you everything you need. It’s the difference between wearing a well-fitting tank top versus a baggy t-shirt.

Still not convinced? If you aren’t sure whether you’ll like the unique atmosphere that a women’s gym creates, give a free week a try. Bella Women’s Fitness, a women’s gym in San Antonio, offers a free week for all new members so you can meet the staff, check out the equipment, and hop into a group exercise class.

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