If you’ve found yourself in a rut with traditional workouts and want to break out of the boring box, it’s time to consider putting on your dancing shoes! It might be tempting to put Zumba in a “that’s for someone else” box, but before you pass by this option, it’s definitely worth giving Zumba classes a chance. If you have ever found yourself tapping your foot to a favorite song, or getting lost in the beat of a tune driving in the car, this motivational class could be just the thing to inspire a refreshed workout.

What is Zumba?

A Latin-inspired class, Zumba first originated in Colombia in the 1980s. Based on Latin dances like merengue, salsa, cumbia (an infusion of Latin and African dance), samba, and flamenco, it could be said that Zumba was founded as far back as the 17th century. These blends of cultures and dance traditions eventually evolved into the fun, energetic, and musical fitness classes of today. After Alberto Perez started an aerobics class in Colombia, he and his partners brought Zumba classes to the United States in 1999.

Zumba Classes San Antonio

Tips For Your First Zumba Class

Find a Good Spot: When you first start out, it is important that you have a good view of the instructor so that you can follow the movements. Instructors may not give step-by-step instructions so being able to see what is happening will make a big difference in how you participate in the class.

Find Your Inner Dancer: We’re not expecting you to pick it up right away or to be an experienced dancer, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The movements, steps, and sequences are fairly easy to pick up and tend to repeat themselves with each song. The important thing is to let your body relax and try to feel the rhythm of the music.

Pack Some Energy: Fitness is all about getting your heart rate up and Zumba classes will definitely do that. Expect an aerobic training that includes fast and slow rhythms that will tone and build muscle definition.

Bring Comfortable Shoes: If your definition of dancing shoes is high heels, better leave those at home. Wear an athletic shoe that provides support for your ankles. When you’re shimmying, shaking, and pivoting, you want a shoe that is comfortable and easy to move in.

Expect Fun Music: As a dance class, it’s no surprise that we’ll be playing upbeat and energetic music that includes various rhythms, from salsa to belly dancing to hip-hop. You can expect a lesson in international music as well as a workout.

You Won’t be Bored: Since it was founded, Zumba has branched out to include various options. Along with the traditional dance, there is also Zumba Step which uses a platform, and Zumba Toning that emphasizes strength-training.

Have Fun: Most importantly, have fun! Zumba classes bring together women of all sizes and fitness levels who want to work up a sweat while they dance, sing, and shout.

If you’re interested in trying a fun and dance-themed workout, check out Bella Women’s Fitness in San Antonio today.